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Table 2 The Phlebotomus papatasi populations studied

From: Phlebotomus papatasi SP15: mRNA expression variability and amino acid sequence polymorphisms of field populations

POP 1 POP 2 Hs Ks Gst Fst Dxy Da
PPAW PPJM 0.98436 5.06028 0.00776 0.17662 0.01699 0.00300
PPAW PPJS 0.97663 5.23543 0.01003 0.15960 0.01703 0.00272
PPJM PPJS 0.97378 4.16517 −0.00016 −0.00070 0.01129 −0.00001
  1. Populations: PPAW, Aswan; PPJM, Malka; PPJS, Swaymeh. The indexes Hs, Ks, Gst, Nst, Fst, Dxy e Da correspond to: Hs, average of haplotipic diversity between the populations; Ks, average of nucleotide diversity for each population; Gst and Fst, fixation indexes estimated from the haplotipic diversity; Dxy, average nucleotide substitution per site; Da, number of substitutions per site