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Table 2 Composition of potential compounds in the ethyl acetate fraction of E.longifolia using LCMS/MS

From: Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia): a possible therapeutic candidate against Blastocystis sp.

Class Identified compound RT (min) Chemical formula
Quassinoids 3,4-Dihydrochaparrinonea 3.6 C19H24O9
  (α/β-epoxide) Ailanthone 3.8 C20H24O8
  Eurycomalide A 6.1 C19H26O6
  Eurycomalide B 5.69 C19H24O6
  Eurycomanol 3.4 C20H26O9
  Eurycomanone 4.0 C20H24O9
  Laurycolactone Ba 6.4 C18H20O5
Canthin-6-one alkaloids Canthin-6-onea 7.35 C14H8N2O
β-carboline alkaloids β-Carboline-1-propionic acida 4.4 C14H12N2O2
  1. aCompounds found in both water and ethyl acetate fractions