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Fig. 1

From: Exposure to Leishmania spp. and sand flies in domestic animals in northwestern Ethiopia

Fig. 1

Phylogenetic analysis of the Leishmania ITS1 sequence in a sheep from Humera, Ethiopia. Maximum likelihood (ML) phylogenetic analysis of a 286 bp Leishmania sequence amplified from the blood of a sheep from Humera, Ethiopia [GenBank:KJ010540]. Only well-defined ITS sequences that could be unambiguously assigned to a species (L. donovani or L. infantum) were downloaded from the GenBank database and used for the following analysis (Additional file 1). The ITS sequences were aligned using Kalign (, and the resulting alignments were edited manually using the BioEdit software program to remove unambiguous positions. The final alignment included 286 characters and is available upon request. Phylogenetic analyses of the ITS datasets were performed with PhyML for ML (the best-fitting model [GTR + I + Γ] of sequence evolution was assessed using Modeltest 3.7 and bootstrapped with 1000 replicates; likelihood: loglk = −404.139)

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