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Table 1 Identification of the 25 Leishmania isolates used in this study from 8 Leishmania/HIV coinfected patients obtained during VL clinical episodes or non-clinical episodes, from bone marrow or peripheral blood mononuclear cell samples; and their genotyping and clustering analysis results

From: Multilocus microsatellite typing of Leishmania infantum isolates in monitored Leishmania/HIV coinfected patients

Patient code Patient isolates Sex Age Risk factor Time from first episode (in months) Clinical status Sample Type WHO Code Genotype (G) Cluster (C)
P1 1a Man 30 IVDU June CE PBMC MHOM/ES/00/BCN-278 G14 C2b
1b     8 m CE PBMC MHOM/ES/01/BCN-376 G13 C2b
1c     20 m CE PBMC MHOM/ES/02/BCN-464 G15 C2b
P2 2a Man 44 IVDU July CE BM MHOM/ES/00/BCN-284 G3 C1
2b     2 m CE BM MHOM/ES/00/BCN-289 G2 C1
P3 3a Man 36 nd May CE BM MHOM/ES/01/BCN-404 G16 C2
3b     7 m NE PBMC MHOM/ES/01/BCN-455 G16 C2
3c     12 m CE BM MHOM/ES/02/BCN-492 G16 C2
P4 4a Man 34 IVDU April CE BM MHOM/ES/02/BCN-475 G9 C2
4b     6 m CE BM MHOM/ES/02/BCN-508 G9 C2
P5 5a Man 36 IVDU September CE BM MHOM/ES/94/BCN-123 G10 C2
5b     5 m CE BM MHOM/ES/95/BCN-130 G1 -
P6 6a Man 33 IVDU October CE BM MHOM/ES/00/BCN-298 G11 C2
6b     6 m CE BM MHOM/ES/01/BCN-400 G5 C2
6c     17 m CE BM MHOM/ES/02/BCN-470 G12 C2
P7 7a Man 41 nd October CE PBMC MHOM/ES/01/BCN-430 G7 C2a
7b     3 m NE BM MHOM/ES/02/BCN-460 G7 C2a
7c     4 m CE PBMC MHOM/ES/02/BCN-472 G6 C2a
P8 8a Woman 27 IVDU October CE PBMC MHOM/ES/00/BCN-293 G4 C2
8b     1 m NE PBMC MHOM/ES/00/BCN-306 G7 C2a
8c     1 m + 6 days NE PBMC MHOM/ES/01/BCN-307 G8 C2
8d     3 m NE PBMC MHOM/ES/01/BCN-369 G16 C2
8e     7 m CE PBMC MHOM/ES/01/BCN-405 G18 C2
8f     9 m NE PBMC MHOM/ES/01/BCN-422 G17 C2
8 g     29 m NE PBMC MHOM/ES/03/BCN-561 G16 C2
  1. IVDU intravenous drug user, nd not determined, CE clinical episode, NE non-clinical episode, PBMC peripheral blood mononuclear cell, BM bone marrow