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Fig. 2

From: Development of patent Litomosoides sigmodontis infections in semi-susceptible C57BL/6 mice in the absence of adaptive immune responses

Fig. 2

Low levels of cytokine and chemokines in the TC of L. sigmodontis-infected Rag2IL-2Rγ−/− C57BL/6 mice. Levels of IL-4 (a), IL-6 (b), TNF-α (c), MIP-2 (d), RANTES (e) and Eotaxin-1 (f) were measured in the TC fluid from individual mice on days 30 and 72 p.i. by ELISA. Symbols show levels in individual mice. Graphs show data from one infection experiment comprising of n = 10 WT and n = 10 Rag2IL-2Rγ−/− on d30 and n = 8 WT and n = 8 Rag2IL-2Rγ−/− on d72. Asterisks denote significant differences n = 10 between the groups indicated by the brackets (*p < 0.01, **p < 0.05, ***p < 0.001)

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