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Table 1 Overview of the fungal lectins used for biotoxicity assays in this study

From: Inhibition of Haemonchus contortus larval development by fungal lectins

Lectin Origin Lectin family Molecular Weight Carbohydrate specificity References GenBank accession number
CCL2 Coprinopsis cinerea β-trefoil 15 GlcNAc-β1,4-(Fuc-α1,3-) GlcNAc Schubert et al. [23] ACD88750
Stutz et al. [30]
CGL2 Coprinopsis cinerea Galectin 16.7 Galβ1-4Glc (lactose) Walser et al. [31] AAF34731
Butschi et al. [22]
Galβ1-4GlcNAc AAF34732
CGL3 Coprinopsis cinerea Galectin-like 19 GlcNAcβ1-4GlcNAc Walti et al. [32] ABD64675
AAL Aleuria aurantia β-propeller 33.4 Fucose Fujihashi et al. [33] BAA12871
Wimmerova et al. [34]
MOA Marasmius oreades β-trefoil (B-type) 33 Galα1,3Gal/GalNAc Wohlschlager et al. [19] AAL47680
Cordara et al. [35]
Tec2 Laccaria bicolor β-propeller 23.8 2-O-Me-Fucose Wohlschlager et al. [25] EDR12168
  1. Table adapted and modified from S. Bleuler-Martinez et al. 2011 [24]