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Table 1 Reported rabbit-feeding behaviour of British mosquitoes and their association with the myxoma virus prior to this study

From: Molecular species identification, host preference and detection of myxoma virus in the Anopheles maculipennis complex (Diptera: Culicidae) in southern England, UK

Mosquito species Evidence of natural rabbit feeding Identification of rabbit feeding through analysis of blood-meals Wild-caught mosquitoes positive for Myxoma virus
Aedes cinereus Yes [21, 23]BC, [19]DC Yes [19, 20] No
Aedes rusticus Yes [19]BC No No
Anopheles atroparvus a No No Yes [18]
Anopheles claviger Yes [19]DC, BC Yes [19, 20] Yes [19]
Anopheles plumbeus Yes [19, 43]DC, BC Yes [20, 21] Yes [19]
Coquillettidia richiardii Yes; [19, 43]BC Yes [1921] No
Culex pipiens s.l. Yes [43]BC Yes [19, 20] Yes [19]
Culex torrentium Yes [43]BC Yes [20] No
Culiseta annulata Yes [19, 43]DC, BC Yes [20, 21] No
Culiseta litorea Yes Yes [20] No
Culiseta morsitans Yes [43]BC, [19]DC Yes [19, 21] No
Ochlerotatus annulipes Yes [23]BC Yes [23] Yes [23]
Ochlerotatus cantans Yes [19, 23]BC Yes [20, 23] Yes [19, 23]
Ochlerotatus detritus Yes [43]DC, BC, [19]DC No No
Ochlerotatus dorsalis No Yes [19, 20] No
Ochlerotatus punctor Yes [19, 20]DC, [43]BC Yes [19] No
Ochlerotatus geniculatus Yes; [19]DC, BC Yes [19] No
  1. Evidence of natural feeding provided by direct collections (DC) from rabbits, or rabbit-baited trap collections (BC)
  2. a Anopheles atroparvus was identified in these studies based on morphological and behavioural characteristics. Culex pipiens s.l. in these studies was identified morphologically and thus could include Cx. pipiens f. pipiens or Cx. pipiens f. molestus