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Fig. 1

From: Chagas disease reactivation in a heart transplant patient infected by domestic Trypanosoma cruzi discrete typing unit I (TcIDOM)

Fig. 1

Molecular typing from clinical samples. DNA was extracted from blood samples and parafinized heart explants. Typing was performed using a nested PCR-RFLP strategy for amplification of the 1f8 flagellar protein and digestion with Alw 21I (Van der Auwera, et al., unpublished data). H = DNA extracted from parafinized heart explant tissue, B and B2 = blood samples taken 10 days apart during reactivation of disease, TcI-TcVI correspond to DTU controls, NC lanes correspond to negative controls for the PCR and nested-PCR. Lanes corresponding to Alw 21I restriction digest products are labeled with an asterisk (*). Only restriction products are shown for controls

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