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Table 1 Performance of observed SDMs based on observed tick distributions and climate compared to null models

From: Climate suitability for European ticks: assessing species distribution models against null models and projection under AR5 climate

Tick species Maxent null climate Maxent null species distribution Mahalanobis distance null climate Mahalanobis distance null species distribution
Dermacentor marginatus 96 98 95 99
Haemaphysalis punctata 96 98 98 99
Haemaphysalis sulcata 96 96 98 99
Hyalomma lusitanicum 88 64 94 72
Hyalomma marginatum 95 99 96 98
Ixodes ricinus 94 98 96 99
Rhipicephalus annulatus 96 95 98 96
Rhipicephalus bursa 95 98 95 99
  1. Values indicate the number of null models (n = 99) whose median AUC scores were significantly exceeded by those of observed models (1000 random 60:40 training:testing data splits per model). Significant differences identified using post hoc multiple comparison tests with Bonferroni corrected critical values from the t distribution. Attainment by an observed model of a median AUC score significantly higher than those of 95 null models was deemed to indicate a significant relationship between the climate predictor variables and the distribution of the tick species. Underlined values indicate that no significant relationship was identified for that species’ observed model(s)