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Fig. 3

From: Mosquito Rasputin interacts with chikungunya virus nsP3 and determines the infection rate in Aedes albopictus

Fig. 3

The C-terminal TFGD repeats of nsP3 interact with mosquito Rasputin. a Schematic representation of nsP3 and the conserved domains within the C-terminal variable domain. Deletions and mutations are indicated in the amino acid sequence. Insect cells (Sf21) were co-transfected with Rin-mCherry and either one of the EGFP-nsP3 variants. b SH3-domain binding motif, nsP3-d398/406, nsP3-P398A or nsP3-PPR401AAA. c C-terminal repeats, EGFP-nsP3-FG479AA, EGFP-nsP3-FG497AA or EGFP-nsP3-FG479AA/FG497AA

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