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Table 1 Summary of data used in linear mixed effects regression

From: Spatial heterogeneity in projected leprosy trends in India

Data Years available Spatial level Source
New case counts, leprosy 2008-2015 District [3043]
Enhanced case finding, 2012 and after - District [46]
TB incidence 2008-2014 State [44]
BCG coverage Non time-varying regressor (5 yr avg) State [45]
Fraction exhibiting grade 2 disability 2011-2015 State [3842]
Fraction in children <15 years 2011-2015 State [3842]
Fraction in multibacillary form 2011-2015 State [3842]
  1. All data utilized in linear fixed effects regression models (Tables 2 and 3), including years available, spatial extent and sources