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Table 4 State and union territory abbreviations and regional classifications as used here. Data from the new state of Telengana are aggregated with Andhra Pradesh for consistency of comparison across multiple years

From: Spatial heterogeneity in projected leprosy trends in India

State or Territory Abbreviation Region
Andaman and Nicobar AN Islands
Andhra Pradesh AP South
Arunachal Pradesh AR Northeast
Assam AS Northeast
Bihar BR East
Chhattisgarh CG East
Chandigarh CH North
Daman and Diu DD West
Dadra and Nagar Haveli DN West
Delhi DL North
Goa GA West
Gujarat GJ West
Himachal Pradesh HP North
Haryana HR North
Jharkhand JH East
Jammu and Kashmir JK North
Karnataka KA South
Kerala KL South
Lakshadweep LD Islands
Maharashtra MH West
Meghalaya ML Northwest
Manipur MN Northwest
Madhya Pradesh MP North
Mizoram MZ Northwest
Nagaland NL Northwest
Odisha (Orissa) OR East
Punjab PB North
Puducherry PY Islands
Rajasthan RJ West
Sikkim SK Northeast
Tamil Nadu TN South
Tripura TR Northeast
Uttaranchal UK North
Uttar Pradesh UP North
West Bengal WB East