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Fig. 8

From: Feasibility of controlling hookworm infection through preventive chemotherapy: a simulation study using the individual-based WORMSIM modelling framework

Fig. 8

Effect of systematic (non-)participation on impact of preventive chemotherapy with albendazole, as predicted by WORMSIM. All panels pertain to the highly endemic scenario with PC targeted at pre-school and school-age children, and women of childbearing age, implemented at 90 % coverage. The horizontal dashed black indicates the WHO target level of 1 % prevalence of medium and heavy infection. Panels from left to right represent different patterns in individual participation to PC. Random participation (left column) means that eligible individuals participate completely at random; systematic participation (right column) means that an individual either always participates (if eligible) or never; in the mixed participation pattern (middle column), some individuals are systematically more likely to participate than others (but everyone will participate at some point). Panels from top to bottom represent PC implemented at different frequencies (semi-annual vs. 4-monthly vs. quarterly PC)

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