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Fig. 4

From: Characterization and annotation of Babesia orientalis apicoplast genome

Fig. 4

Domain structure of ClpC and gene organization in Cluster 2 of apicoplast genomes from B. orientalis and other apicomplexan parasites. a Domain structures of ClpC in B. orientalis, P. falciparum, T. gondii and Chromera sp. were obtained from Pfam database and TMpred. Two ClpC proteins, lack of the N-terminal part, are encoded in B. orientalis apicoplast genome. Notably, AAA_2 (ATPase catalytic function) and ClpB_D2-small, as two PfamA domains, exist in ClpC proteins of apicomplexans, but B. orientalis has lost the latter. Blue boxes correspond to regions of low complexity. Only T. gondii ClpC was predicted by Pfam to contain transmembrane domains (TM). b Gene organization in cluster 2 of apicoplast genomes. The tRNA genes are marked in bold as conserved parts of all three apicoplast genomes. Five putative genes, h8 - h12, that lack homologs in other parasites are present in the B. orientalis apicoplast genome between tufA and ClpC1

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