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Archived Comments for: Environmental and anthropogenic factors affecting the probability of occurrence of Oncomegas wageneri (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha) in the southern Gulf of Mexico

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  1. A mistake in the acknowledgements section.

    Victor Manuel Vidal-Martinez, CINVESTAV/IPN

    3 December 2015

    The acknowledgements section should be as follows:


    The authors thank Clara Vivas-Rodríguez, Gregory Arjona-Torres, Nadia Herrera Castillo, Genny Ail, and Francisco Puc-Itza of CINVESTAV-Mérida for support with the field and laboratory work. The authors also thank Mirella Hernández de Santillana for support in the taxonomic identification of the flatfishes, Dr. Ryan Hechinger for reviewing the English language of the ms, and CONACyT for the scholarship awarded to David Romero (No. 496322/329960). This study was partially supported by the grant No. 201441 entitled “Plataformas de observación oceanográfica, línea base, modelos de simulación y escenarios  de la capacidad natural de respuesta ante derrames de gran escala en el Golfo de México”, financed by the Sectorial Hidrocarbon Fund CONACYT-SENER to the CIGoM Consortium in which VMVM, GGB and LAM participate. 

    Competing interests

    The authors declare that they have no competing interests.