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Fig. 8

From: Identification and characterization of Clonorchis sinensis cathepsin B proteases in the pathogenesis of clonorchiasis

Fig. 8

Cell migration and invasion triggered by CsCB4 in transwell assay. MHCC-97H cells (a) or RBE cells (b) were suspended in serum-free media. Cells were incubated with 1 μg/ml of yCsCB4 or PBS for 24 h. Invasion assays were performed using matrigel-coated membranes. Migration assay was similar to the invasion assay, except that the upper side of the membranes was not coated with the matrigel. Cells attached to the lower surface of the membranes at 24 h were counted under a light microscope. Ten random visual fields were selected to quantify the migration and invasion. ***P < 0.001, compared to PBS control

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