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Table 2 General Linear Mixed Models with type III sum of squares accounting for the effect of host species (factor) and trematode intensity (covariate) on body area of individuals of Pholeter gastrophilus collected from striped and bottlenose dolphins

From: Life-history trade-offs in a generalist digenean from cetaceans: the role of host specificity and environmental factors

Model ΔAIC w i Predictor t df p
Fixed effects Random effects Covariance structure    
Intercept + HS HI RI 0.00 0.922 HS 3.85 7.61 0.005
Intercept HI RI 6.39 0.038 - -   -
Intercept + HS + I HI RI 6.63 0.034 HS 2.84 6.80 0.026
I 1.38 7.31 0.209
  1. Models are arranged by increase of Akaike information criterion (AIC) and decrease of Akaike weight (w i ). Models with w i  < 0.01 are not shown. The probability associated to each fixed effect is also given; significant values are in bold. Abbreviations: HS host species, HI host individual, RI random intercept, I intensity