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Table 3 Parameters independent of climatic variables in the model

From: A climate-driven mechanistic population model of Aedes albopictus with diapause

Parameter Definition Value Reference
κ L Standard environmental carrying capacity for larvae (ha-1) 250,000 [24, 27]
κ P Standard environmental carrying capacity for pupae (ha-1) 250,000 [27]
σ Percentage of females at emergence stage 0.5 [47]
m E Egg mortality rate (day-1) 0.05 [23, 27]
μ em Emerging adult mortality rate (day-1) 0.1 [27]
μ r Adult mortality rate related to seeking behavior (day-1) 0.08 [27]
γ Aem Emerging adult development rate (day-1) 0.4 [27]
γ Ab Blood feeding adult development rate (day-1) 0.2 [27]
γ Ao Ovipositing adult development rate (day-1) 0.2 [27]