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Fig. 1

From: Enhancement of Aedes albopictus collections by ovitrap and sticky adult trap

Fig. 1

Aedes albopictus egg-catches in four ovitraps differing by shape and/or oviposition substrate. Ov-A1: cylindrical ovitrap lined with either heavyweight seed germination paper; Ov-A2: cylindrical ovitrap equipped with a floating white block of polystyrene; Ov-A3: cylindrical ovitrap equipped with a wooden paddle; Ov-B: conical ovitrap equipped with a wooden paddle. The boxes identify the first and third quartiles (the 25th and 75th percentiles). Horizontal black lines within the boxes represent the mean values. The upper whisker extends from the boxes to the highest value that is within 1.5*IQR (inter-quartile range: the distance between the first and third quartiles, so the height of the boxes). The lower whisker extends to the lowest value within 1.5*IQR. Points beyond the end of the whiskers are outliers

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