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Fig. 3

From: The larvicidal effects of black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) and piperine against insecticide resistant and susceptible strains of Anopheles malaria vector mosquitoes

Fig. 3

Mean mortalities of laboratory-reared Anopheles larvae 48 h after being fed powdered piperine. The dose value represents the percentage of piperine in a 50 mg treatment mixture. 0 % represents the control group which was fed standard larval food only and 100 % represents a treatment comprised of piperine only. A One-way ANOVA and Tukey HSD post-hoc comparisons were used for each strain to determine significant differences in mortality at each dose compared to that of the relevant control at 95 % confidence. a Anopheles arabiensis strains. b Anopheles gambiae (GAH& TONGS) and An. coluzzii (SUA) strains. c Anopheles quadriannulatus. d Anopheles funestus strains

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