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Table 5 Variation in mortality rate of mosquitoes exposed to different wall surfaces sprayed with bendiocarb and propoxur

From: Short persistence of bendiocarb sprayed on pervious walls and its implication for the indoor residual spray program in Ethiopia

Insecticide Wall type Exposed Mortality (%)
Bendiocarb Dung wall 282 41a
Painted wall 281 100b
Mud wall wetted with water 289 27c
Mud wall 284 29c
Propoxur Dung wall 301 99b,d
Painted wall 279 100b,d
Mud wall wetted with water 298 99b,d
Mud wall 297 97b,d
  1. Note: Change in letter connotes statistically significant difference of P(χ 2) < 0.0083