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Table 1 Baboon infection history and whole blood/sera ICT results

From: Further evidence of the cross-reactivity of the Binax NOW® Filariasis ICT cards to non-Wuchereria bancrofti filariae: experimental studies with Loa loa and Onchocerca ochengi

Baboon SN Date of first inoculation Date of second inoculation Number of L3 inoculated Patency period (days) Highest Loa mf load Mf count on analysis ICT results
Whole bloodb Serumc
1 14.iv.2006 21.xii.2011 600 184 17,900 40 Positive Positive
2 21.x.2008 22.xii.011 600 174 150,000 2,480 Positive Positive
3 23.xii.2011 None 600 206 190,380 42,220 Positive Positive
4 27.ix.2012 None 600 Natural infectiona 9,213 3,980 Positive Positive
5 (Control) None None None 0 0 0 Negative Negative
  1. aAnimal with positive L. loa infection prior to its introduction in the rearing centre
  2. bICT done 5 times
  3. cICT done in duplicates