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Table 2 Sample description used for phylogenetic analysis in this study

From: Seroepidemiology and molecular diversity of Leishmania donovani complex in Georgia

WHO number Origin ITS sequence type Accession number
MHOM/BR/74/PP75 Brazil ITS AJ000304
  Brazil ITS2 GU045591
MHOM/IN/71/LRC-L51a India ITS1 AJ000290
MHOM/SD/75/LV139 Sudan ITS AJ000291
MHOM/IN/80/DD8 India ITS AJ000292
MHOM/SD/68/1S Sudan ITS AJ000293
MHOM/KE/84/NLB218 Kenya ITS AJ000296
MHOM/KE/85/NLB323 Kenya ITS AJ000297
MCAN/SD/00/LEM3946 Sudan ITS1/2 AJ634356
MHOM/SD/93/GE Sudan ITS1/2 AJ634357
MHOM/SD/97/LEM3429 Sudan ITS1/2 AJ634358
MHOM/ET/00/HUSSEN Ethiopia ITS1/2 AJ634360
MHOM/SD/62/LRC-L61 Sudan ITS1/2 AJ634365
MHOM/SD/93/35-band Sudan ITS1/2 AJ634366
MHOM/ET/72/GEBRE1 Ethiopia ITS1/2 AJ634367
MHOM/SD/93/338 Sudan ITS1/2 AJ634368
MHOM/SD/93/9S Sudan ITS1/2 AJ634372
MHOM/ET/67/HU3 Ethiopia ITS1/2 AJ634373
MHOM/KE/83/NLB189 Kenya ITS1/2 AJ634374
MHOM/IN/54/SC23 India ITS1/2 AJ634375
MHOM/IN/00/DEVI India ITS1/2 AJ634376
MHOM/IN/96/THAK35 India ITS1/2 AJ634377
MHOM/IN/01/BHU20140 India ITS1/2 AJ634378
   ITS1/2 FJ753386
   ITS1/2 GU045589
   ITS1/2 GU045590
MHOM/CN/00/Wangjie1 China ITS AJ000294
MHOM/SU/1984/MARZ/KRIM Ukrain ITS AM157172
MHOM/IQ/1981/SUKKAR2 Iran ITS1 AM901452
MHOM/FR/78/LEM75 France ITS1/2 AJ634339
MHOM/FR/95/LPN114 France ITS1/2 AJ634340
MHOM/ES/93/PM1 Spain ITS1/2 AJ634341
MHOM/FR/97/LSL29 France ITS1/2 AJ634342
MHOM/ES/86/BCN16 Spain ITS1/2 AJ634343
MHOM/PT/00/IMT260 Portugal ITS1/2 AJ634344
MHOM/CN/54/Peking China ITS1/2 AJ634345
MCAN/FR/87/RM1 France ITS1/2 AJ634346
MHOM/ES/88/LLM175 Spain ITS1/2 AJ634347
MHOM/MT/85/BUCK Malta ITS1/2 AJ634350
MHOM/FR/80/LEM189 France ITS1/2 AJ634351
MHOM/ES/92/LLM373 Spain ITS1/2 AJ634352
MHOM/IT/94/ISS1036 Italy ITS1/2 AJ634353
MHOM/IT/93/ISS800 Italy ITS1/2 AJ634354
MHOM/SD/93/597-2 Sudan ITS1/2 AJ634364
MHOM/SD/82/GILANI Sudan ITS1/2 AJ634369
MHOM/SD/93/452BM Sudan ITS1/2 AJ634371
MHOM/TN/80/IPT1 Tunisia ITS AJ000289
  India ITS1/2 FJ948458
MHOM/ET/72/L100 Ethiopia ITS1/2 GQ920674