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Table 1 Mean mite counts and efficacy (%) after single oral or topical administration of fluralaner to dogs naturally infested with Sarcoptes scabiei var. canis

From: Efficacy of fluralaner administered either orally or topically for the treatment of naturally acquired Sarcoptes scabiei var. canis infestation in dogs

Assessment time point Treatment Saline solution Fluralaner chewable tablets Fluralaner spot-on solution
n = 9 n = 9 n = 8
Pre-treatment Meana mite counts (n) 10.6 12.0 13.1
Count range (n) 2–34 2–163 2–67
4 weeks post-treatment Meana mite counts (n) 7.9b 0 0
Count range (n) 1–55b 0 0
Efficacy (%) na 100 100
P-valuec na 0.0009 0.0011
  1. n number of dogs per group, na Not applicable
  2. aGeometric mean
  3. bDogs with zero mite counts are excluded
  4. cOne-way ANOVA with a treatment effect