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Table 8 Parameters and their expected ranges based on calibration

From: Refined stratified-worm-burden models that incorporate specific biological features of human and snail hosts provide better estimates of Schistosoma diagnosis, transmission, and control

Parameter Symbol [units] Value range
Force of infection (FOI) λ [worm/year] Child: (0, 8)
Adult: (0, 3)
Maximum egg release ρ 0 [egg/female] Child: (10, 70)
Adult: (1, 25)
Crowding threshold w 0 [worm] (50, 200)
Egg aggregationa,b r a (0, 0.1)
Child FOI for adult calibration λ C [worm/year] (0, 8)
  1. aDimensionless parameter
  2. bAggregation factor for daily egg counts when modelled as a negative binomial distribution