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Table 2 Morphometric data for the eggs and first-stage larvae (L1) of A. daskalovi

From: A rare cardiopulmonary parasite of the European badger, Meles meles: first description of the larvae, ultrastructure, pathological changes and molecular identification of Angiostrongylus daskalovi Janchev & Genov 1988

Species Stage Range (μm) Reference
Length Width  
A. daskalovi Eggs (n = 10)a 98–105 74–90 Present study
L1 (n = 150) 336–412 14–20 Present study
A. chabaudi L1 307–420 15–17 [25]
L1 362–400 15–18 [31]
A. vasorum L1 310–399 14–16 [24, 32]
  1. aEggs measured in feces. No comparative data for eggs are provided, as the existing data in the literature for A. chabaudi and A. vasorum refer to measurements of eggs in utero