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Table 1 Infectivity of An. funestus ss and An. coluzzii from Kpome to Plasmodium species (falciparum, ovale, vivax and malariae)

From: Multiple insecticide resistance in an infected population of the malaria vector Anopheles funestus in Benin

Infectivity using the Taqman protocol Infectivity of An. funestus using the nested PCR protocol
Locality Species Tested F0 +ve P. fal +ve P. ovm +ve P. fal & P. ovm Total no. of  infected Anopheles with Taqman (% positivity) Total no. of infected An. funestus using nested PCR (12 out the 17 to Taqman) +ve P. fal +ve P. ov +ve P. viv +ve P. mal
Kpome An. funestus (s.s.) 93 14 2 1 17 ± 7.85 (18) 12 11 0 0 1
Kpome An. coluzzii 93 6 6 0 12 ± 6.83 (13)