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Table 1 Summary of plasmid constructs used for genetic complementation of E. tenella

From: Viral proteins expressed in the protozoan parasite Eimeria tenella are detected by the chicken immune system

Plasmid Fluorescent reporter Target gene Gene promoter
p5Act-vvVP2a 5’EtMic1-mCitrine-3’EtMic1 vvVP2 (IBDV) 5’Et-Act
p5Act-gIa 5’EtMic1-mCitrine-3’EtMic1 gI (ILTV) 5’Et-Act
p5Act-mCheb 5’EtMic1-mCitrine-3’EtMic1 mCherry 5’Et-Act
p5TIF-vvVP2a 5’EtMic1-mCitrine-3’EtMic1 vvVP2 (IBDV) 5’Et-TIF
p5TIF-gIa 5’EtMic1-mCitrine-3’EtMic1 gI (ILTV) 5’Et-TIF
p5TIF-mCheb 5’EtMic1-mCitrine-3’EtMic1 mCherry 5’Et-TIF
  1. aUsed for the generation of stable populations
  2. bUsed to test mCherry expression in transient transfection