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Fig. 1

From: Equine Cyathostominae can develop to infective third-stage larvae on straw bedding

Fig. 1

Numbers of cyathostomine infective larvae recovered from weekly straw bedding samples (crosses) and mean faecal worm egg count from the corresponding animals (circles) from six different barns housing large numbers of donkeys on deep litter bedding (Barn A, n = 70 donkeys; Barn B, n = 48 donkeys; Barn C, n = 140 donkeys; Barn D, n = 95 donkeys; Barn E, n = 38 donkeys; Barn F, n = 43 donkeys). Barn D was cleared out and re-bedded in week 7 immediately after sampling, and Barns E and F were cleared out and re-bedded during week 5 (shown as grey bars in the figure)

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