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Table 1 Relative prevalence of canine and feline arthropod-borne infections

From: Cats are not small dogs: is there an immunological explanation for why cats are less affected by arthropod-borne disease than dogs?

Infection Dog Cat Recent reference for feline infection
Dirofilariosis Common Prevalence in cats ~10 % that in dogs [104]
Babesiosis Common Uncommon (mostly in South Africa) [105, 106]
Cytauxzoonosis No Yes [107]
Haemotropic Mycoplasma Problem only in splenectomized dogs Common and clinically significant [108]
Hepatozoonosis Relatively common Rare [10]
Leishmaniosis Common Less common [88, 89]
Borreliosis Relatively common Rare [11, 109]
Bartonellosis Less common? Common [110]
Ehrlichiosis Relatively common Rare [111]
Anaplasmosis Relatively common Less common [112]
Rickettsiosis Relatively common Less common [113]