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Table 2 Population specific F ST indices for the complete sequence of GNBPB2 gene analysed in Anopheles gambiae (s.s.) and A. coluzii from six African countries

From: Molecular evolution and population genetics of a Gram-negative binding protein gene in the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae (sensu lato)

Population Species n F ST
Gabon An. gambiae 9 0.013
Ghana (Accra) An. gambiae 7 0.018
Ghana (Okyereko) An. gambiae 6 0.021
Ghana (Okyereko) An. coluzzii 6 0.021
Guinea Bissau An. coluzzii 12 0.009
Guinea Bissau An. gambiae 7 0.018
Angola An. coluzzii 6 0.030
Mozambique An. gambiae 10 0.020
Tanzania An. gambiae 7 0.024
Global F ST among populations   70 0.018
  1. Abbreviations: n number of mosquitoes analysed, F ST fixation index, a measure of population differentiation due to genetic structure