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Table 1 Differentially expressed proteins, post-infection with P. berghei

From: Infection with Plasmodium berghei ookinetes alters protein expression in the brain of Anopheles albimanus mosquitoes

Spot pI/MW/AA An. albimanus Protein family Gene ontology Fold change
ATP synthesis coupled proton transport
13 6.1/14.1/127 AALB009730-PA Vacuolar ATP synthase subunit f GO:0015991: ATP hydrolysis coupled proton transport 383 Up
19 9.5/107.7/551 AALB005889-PA F-type H+-transporting ATPase GO:0015986: ATP synthesis coupled proton transport 6.6 Up
10 4.7/53.7/503 AALB010020-PA ATP synthase beta subunit GO:0015986: ATP synthesis coupled proton transporter 2.9 Up
7 6.4/76.2/675 AALB000444-PA Voltage-dependent anion-selective channel GO:0055085: Transmembrane transport 2.4 Up
Cytoskeleton rearrangements and synaptic plasticity
4 4.1/35.6/326 AALB008424-PA Synapse-associated protein. GO:0048172: Regulation of short-term neuronal synaptic plasticity 3.7 Down
14 7.2/16.9/147 AALB010134-PA Cofilin GO:0030042: Actin filament depolymerization 4.3 Up
16 4.9/59.1/519 AALB010554-PA Tubulin beta chain GO:0007017: Microtubule-based process 2.4 Up
Oxidation-reduction process
1 8.6/66.9/620 AALB010381-PA Mitochondrial enoyl-CoA hydratase GO:0055114: Oxidation-reduction process 4.3 Down
11 8.3/61.7/561 AALB006338-PA Alanine aminotransferase GO:0030170: Pyridoxal phosphate binding 5.1 Up
6 8.6/52.4/483 AALB000829-PA Enolase GO:0006096: Glycolytic process 2.5 Up
3 6.5/69.3/627 AALB008565-PA Malate oxidoreductase (malic enzyme) GO:0006108: Malate metabolic process; GO:0055114 oxidation-reduction process 2.2 Up
Signal transduction
2 6.5/149/1,374 AALB008255-PA (Hypothetical, HSP70) GO:0007165: Signal transduction. 3.1 Down
15 5.9/119/1092 AALB008255-PA HSP70 GO:0007165: Signal transduction 2.5 Down
17 6.0/38.1/340 AALB004447-PA beta3 G protein GO:0005515: Guanine nucleotide binding protein 4.4 Up
18 5.6/33.2/316 AALB008188-PA 60S acidic ribosomal protein P0 GO:0005622: Intracellular 60s Ribosomal protein LP0 2.6 Down
9 6.2/45.0/408 AALB004623-PA Arginine/Creatine kinase GO:0003824: Molecular function 2.6 Up
5 7.3/15.2/138 AALB007271-PA Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase GO:0006457: Protein folding 2.3 Up