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Table 2 NCBI blast match and identity with the GPCRs for S. mansoni

From: GPCR and IR genes in Schistosoma mansoni miracidia

Protein name Aligned to S. haematobium Overall identity (%) GPCR subclass [17] NCBI BLAST best hit (Reference/Name/Species) Identity (%)
Smp_043320 Sha_102744 75 amine emb|CCD79388.1| Tyramine-like receptor [S. mansoni] 100
Smp_126730 Sha_Exo_8 94 amine emb|CCD75608.1| 5-HT-like receptor [S. mansoni] 100
Smp_145520 Sha_104648 53 amine emb| CCD79384.1| Putative adrenoreceptor [S. mansoni] 100
Smp_148210 Sha_101211 33 amine emb|CCD77402.1| 5-HT-like receptor [S. mansoni] 100
Smp_043260 Sha_Exo_1 87 amine emb|CCD79382.1| Putative GPCR receptor [S. mansoni] 100
Smp_141880 Sha_101834 76 peptide emb|CCD81490.1| Neuropeptide-like receptor [S. mansoni] 100
Smp_118040 Sha_108334 86 peptide emb|CCD75717.1| Neuropeptide-like receptor [S. mansoni] 100
Smp_041880 Sha_104441 88 peptide emb|CCD79664.1| Peptide-like receptor [S. mansoni] 100
Smp_149580 Sha_101834 80 peptide emb|CCD59781.1| FMRFamide-like receptor [S. mansoni] 100
Smp_170020 Sha_104691 86 peptide emb|CCD82074.1| Neuropeptide-like receptor [S. mansoni] 100
Smp_120620 Sha_102107 19 peptide emb|CCD59108.1| Amine GPCR-like receptor [S. mansoni] 100
Smp_104210 Sha_101185 80 opsin gb|AAF73286.1| Opsin-like receptor [S. mansoni] 100
Smp_180030 Sha_101097 85 opsin emb|CCD82678.1| Opsin-like receptor [S. mansoni] 100
Smp_173010 Sha_107429 66 orphan emb|CCD76373.1| Myosuppressin-like receptor [S. mansoni] 100
Smp_204230 Sha_105544 87 orphan ref|XP_012798047.1| Hypothetical protein [S. haematobium] 87
Smp_178420 Sha_108078 85 orphan ref|XP_012791982.1| Hypothetical protein [S. haematobium] 85
Smp_203500 Sha_105605 95 orphan ref|XP012796783.1| Allatostatin receptor [S. haematobium] 95