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Table 5 A. marginale sequencing analysis results

From: Anaplasma marginale and A. phagocytophilum in cattle in Tunisia

GenBank accession number Locality Blast analysis Similarity (%) Host (Country) Nucleotide positionsa
    354 423 538 564 714
KR871277 Dar Rmil AY253143 100 Bison (USA) A G T A C
KR871284 Nefza AY253143 99 Bison (USA) A R T R C
KR871280, KR871285 to KR871287 Oued Abid DQ000618 100 Bison (Italy) G A T G C
KR871282 Hessiène DQ000618 100 Bison (Italy) G A T G C
KR871279 Sejnane DQ000618 99 Bison (Italy) R A T G C
KR871278 Zaghouan AY456003 100 Deer (Spain) G G T A C
KR871281 Utique AY456003 99 Deer (Spain) R G T A C
KR871283 Kairouan DQ000618 99 Cattle (Italy) G A T G Y
  1. Abbreviations: R degenerated nucleotide (A/G), Y degenerated nucleotide (C/T)
  2. aNucleotide positions are indicated referring to the complete msp4 gene sequence (e.g. AF428081)