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Fig. 2

From: Identification of interchangeable cross-species function of elongation factor-1 alpha promoters in Babesia bigemina and Babesia bovis

Fig. 2

a Schematic representation of the B. bigemina ef-1α IG region. The full B. bigemina ef-1α IG region is represented in panel A, the regions containing the 243 bp IR are represented in blue boxes. The Ig-A (712 bp) and Ig-B (713 bp) fragments used for promoter analysis are represented with blue arrows. b Sequence of the 5’ end of the ef-1α transcript. Alignment of the Ig-A (rev) and Ig-B fragments of the IG region represented in Panel A. The 5’ end of the sequence of the RACE product is marked in red, and the intron in blue fonts. c Agarose gel electrophoresis analysis of the 5’ RACE products obtained from total B. bigemina RNA. Lane 1, PCR product for 5’- race-1-ef-1α + UPM primer; Lane 2, PCR product for race-2-ef-1α + UPM primer; Lane 3, PCR product for race-3-ef-1α + UPM primer. Amplicons are marked with a red box. Molecular size marker is indicated on the left. Abbreviation: M, molecular size ladder, 1000 bp DNA ladder

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