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Fig. 1

From: Molecular characterization and protective efficacy of silent information regulator 2A from Eimeria tenella

Fig. 1

Alignment of silent information regulator 2 (SIR2) amino acid sequences from five Eimeria species. Numbers on the right refer to the last amino acid in each corresponding line. Strictly conserved and conserved residues are shaded in black and gray, respectively. The identities and query cover between the SIR2 sequence of E. tenella Shanghai strain and the other species are listed at the end. Multiple alignments were made using ClustalX [51] and shaded using Boxshade 3.21 ( GenBank accession numbers for the Eimeria species are as follows: E. maxima Weybridge strain SIR2: CDJ59951; E. acervulina (Ea) Houghton strain SIR2: CDI78174; E. praecox (Ep) Houghton strain SIR2: CDI74590; E. tenella (Et) Shanghai strain SIR2A: KU871068; E. tenella Houghton strain SIR2: CDJ42555; E. necatrix (En) Houghton strain SIR2: CDJ65355. Red boxes indicate the conserved catalytic domain of a canonical sirtuin. Black boxes indicate the highly conserved regions within parasitic protozoa. Asterisks indicate the perfectly conserved residues within Apicomplexa [18]

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