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Fig. 6

From: Nutrigenomic effects of glucosinolates on liver, muscle and distal kidney in parasite-free and salmon louse infected Atlantic salmon

Fig. 6

Experimental setup of Trial 1 and Trial 2 (modified from [17]). Trial 1. Feed study. To study responses of the feed (without infection), Atlantic salmon were fed control feed and high level (13%) of GLs-containing raw ingredient. All fish received control feed for 30 days during the acclimation period. Sampling of tissues and weighing of the fish from two groups [not-infected control group (NI-C) and not-infected 13% group (NI-13)] were performed 17–18 days after feeding experimental feeds. Trial 2. Feed intake and lice challenge study. Atlantic salmon were exposed to feeds containing 0, 3.6 and 13% of GLs for 21 days. Control feed was then fed for 10 days during the acclimation period. The trial continued with fish exposed to control, and 3.6 and 13% GLs feeds for 12 days (pre-infection period). The tissue sampling, weighing and lice counting from the three dietary groups [infected fish fed control feed (I-C), infected fish fed 3.6% GLs feed (I-3.6) and infected fish fed 13% GLs feed (I-13)] challenged with L. salmonis (50 copepodids per fish) were accomplished after 31–35 days of infection (post-infection period)

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