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Table 1 The top 25 genes enriched in S. japonicum cercariae, hepatic schistosomula, mixed adult worms and eggs

From: A next-generation microarray further reveals stage-enriched gene expression pattern in the blood fluke Schistosoma japonicum

NCBI Nucleotide NCBI Protein Annotation FC
Enriched in cercariae
 AY811679.1 AAX27568.2 Tegumental antigen 94.004
 AY812964.1 AAW24696.1 Lysophosphatidic acid phosphatase type 6 89.015
 AY808793.1 AAX24682.2 Krueppel-like factor 11 20.463
 AY814888.1 AAP06195.1 Hypothetical protein 20.323
 AY915869.1 AAX31090.1 UPF0506 domain containing protein 15.144
 AY811006.1 AAX26895.2 Putative sodium-dependent transporter 14.884
 FN319257.1 CAX74986.1 Ribosomal protein S6 kinase beta-2 13.668
 AY813254.1 CAX83692.1 Gag-Pol polyprotein 11.090
 AY812158.1 AAX28047.2 Calcium-dependent secretion activator 10.898
 FN327240.1 CAX82964.1 UPF0364 protein 10.005
 FN319112.1 CAX74840.1 Anti-inflammatory protein 16 9.750
 AY809199.1 AAX25088.2 Dynein light intermediate chain 1 cytosolic 9.060
 AY815066.1 AAW26798.1 Calpain 8.200
 FN314407.1 CAX70140.1 Rab-protein 11 8.118
 AY813232.1 AAW24964.1 DM9 domain-containing protein 7.327
 AY915497.1 AAX30718.2 Homeobox protein SMOX-1 7.320
 AY813605 AAW25337.1 Hypothetical protein 7.234
 FN319705.1 CAX75429.1 THO complex subunit 1 6.827
 AY813585.1 AAW25317.1 Hypothetical protein 6.756
 AY811834.1 AAX27723.2 AMP deaminase 6.524
 AY813088.1 AAW24820.1 Hypothetical protein 6.357
 FN314484 CAX70217.1 Hypothetical protein 6.196
 AY811464.1 ABA40369.1 5′-AMP-activated protein kinase subunit gamma-1 6.165
 EU046089.1 AAW25910.1 Cercarial stage-specific protein Sj20H8 6.075
 AY808884.1 AF129816_1 Retinoid X receptor RXR-2 6.011
Enriched in hepatic schistosomula
 AY809629.1 AAX25518.2 Hypothetical protein 33.897
 AY810683 AAX26572.2 Putative collagen alpha-1(V) chain precursor 9.200
 AY815366.1 AAW27592.1 Alpha-ketoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase alkB 6 6.931
 AY813429.1 AAW25161.1 Hypothetical protein 5.290
 AY810949.1 AAX26838.2 Homeobox protein engrailed-like SMOX-2 5.057
 EZ000055.1 ACE06835.1 Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 29 5.021
 AY810397.1 AAX26286.2 Protocadherin Fat 4 4.839
 AY811075.1 AAX26964.2 Hypothetical protein 4.831
 AY815532.1 AAW27264.1 Hypothetical protein 4.727
 AY814356 AAW26088.1 RhoGAP domain containing protein 4.610
 AY811025.1 AAX26914.2 Serine/threonine-protein kinase Sgk1 4.342
 AY809477.1 AAX25366.2 SAM and SH3 domain-containing protein 1 4.248
 FN314446.1 CAX70179.1 Annexin A3 (Annexin III) 4.037
 AY814048.1 AAW25780.1 Basic proline-rich protein-like isoform 3.967
 AY808501.1 AAR28090.2 Nuclear receptor subfamily 4 group A 3.956
 AY809584.1 AAX25473.2 Hypothetical protein 3.894
 AY812287.1 AAX28176.2 Run domain Beclin-1 interacting and cysteine-rich containing protein 3.806
 AY813648.1 AAW25380.1 Hypothetical protein 3.439
 AY915540.1 ABA40872.1 Leishmanolysin-like peptidase 3.419
 AY812557.1 AAX28446.2 Aromatic-L-amino-acid decarboxylase 3.335
 AY808377.1 AAX24266.2 Regulator of G-protein signaling 3 3.250
 FN313634.1 CAX69368.1 Collagen alpha-2(I) chain 3.244
 AY813683.1 AAW25415.1 Delphilin 3.240
 AY812144.1 AAX28033.2 Hypothetical protein 3.212
 AY813563 AAW25295.1 Hypothetical protein 3.203
Enriched in mixed adult worms
 FN314868.1 CAX70600.1 Asparagine-rich antigen Pfa35-2 1651.245
 EZ000096 ACE06876.1 Putative eggshell protein precursor 934.084
 FN314999 CAX70731.1 TES domain containing protein 704.455
 AY813556.1 AAW25288.1 Hypothetical protein 692.180
 AY814029 AAW25761.2 Stress protein DDR48 (DNA damage-responsive protein 48) 678.514
 FN313935.1 CAX69669.1 Stress protein DDR48 (DNA damage-responsive protein 48) 665.581
 FN317103 CAX72834.1 Stress protein DDR48 (DNA damage-responsive protein 48) 645.627
 FN313912 CAX69646.1 TES domain containing protein 604.574
 FN313715.1 CAX69449.1 TES domain containing protein 561.444
 AY812810.1 AAW24542.1 Histidine-rich glycoprotein precursor 526.698
 FN315504.1 CAX71236.1 TES domain containing protein 517.929
 AY815518 AAW27250.1 TES domain containing protein 489.519
 FN314997 CAX70729.1 TES domain containing protein 422.784
 AY813405 AAW25137.1 TES domain containing protein 407.588
 AY815264.1 AAW26996.1 Tyrosinase 1 346.094
 AY812315.1 AAX28204.2 Hypothetical protein 330.410
 FN330801 CAX83018.1 Stress protein DDR48 (DNA damage-responsive protein 48) 235.455
 AY814142.1 AAW25874.1 Putative FAM75 family member 224.325
 AY812904 AAW24636.1 Tyrosinase 2 209.523
 FN315510.1 CAX71242.1 Hypothetical protein 164.941
 AY814814 AAW26546.1 Cadherin 145.264
 AY815418 AAW27150.1 Female-specific protein 800 135.097
 FN316955 CAX72686.1 Prostatic spermine-binding protein precursor 132.448
 AY222885 AAP05897.1 Stress protein DDR48 (DNA damage-responsive protein 48) 127.238
 FN314903.1 CAX70635.1 Hypothetical protein 107.908
Enriched in eggs
 FN317800 CAX73529.1 Glutenin high molecular weight subunit DX5 1794.846
 FN319280 CAX75008.1 Tetraspanin 22 1769.270
 FN322023.1 CAX77751.1 Histidine-rich glycoprotein 1656.913
 FN324495.1 CAX80219.1 Hypothetical protein 1549.720
 FN326817 CAX82541.1 Histidine-rich glycoprotein 1523.735
 FN317759.1 CAX73488.1 Similar to venom allergen-like (VAL) 25 protein 1062.695
 FN324480.1 CAX80126.1 Hypothetical protein 938.553
 FN321785 CAX77509.1 Ribonuclease T2 850.487
 FN321171.1 CAX76897.1 Hypothetical protein 831.194
 FN324498.1 CAX80222.1 Hypothetical protein 776.801
 FN319117.1 CAX74843.1 CIA30 domain containing protein 665.147
 FN317754 CAX73483.1 Tetraspanin 663.055
 FN322724.1 CAX78439.1 Peptidase inhibitor 16 651.579
 FN319142 CAX74870.1 Hypothetical protein 628.202
 FN320551 CAX76277.1 Egg protein CP1531 592.491
 FN326664 CAX82388.1 Hypothetical protein 577.505
 AY816014.1 AAW27746.1 Ribonuclease S-4 534.668
 FN321764.1 CAX77484.1 Cell wall integrity and stress response component 1 488.342
 FN326758 CAX82480.1 Hypothetical protein 484.608
 FN317167 CAX72898.1 Hypothetical protein 481.352
 FN319216.1 CAX74944.1 Hypothetical protein 453.890
 FN320451 CAX76177.1 GLIPR1-like protein 1/venom allergen-like protein 5 422.820
 FN317231 CAX72962.1 GLIPR1-like protein 1/venom allergen-like protein 5 417.438
 FN326877 CAX82601.1 Hypothetical protein 416.455
 FN330952.1 CAX83183.1 Ribonuclease Oy 414.347