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Table 1 Collection information of Anopheles sinensis populations in this study

From: Erratum to: Genetic diversity and population structure of the primary malaria vector Anopheles sinensis (Diptera: Culicidae) in China inferred by cox1 gene

Population code Collection site Date Coordinates Sample size
AH Hefei, Anhui July 2006 31°49′N, 117°13′E 29
HB Wuhan, Hubei August 2006 30°35′N, 114°17′E 25
FJ Jianyang, Fujian September 1997 27°20′N, 118°06′E 30
CQ Kaixian, Chongqing July 2008 29°34′N, 106°32′E 24
HEN Nanyang, Henan August 2007 32°59′N, 112°31′E 39
Guangshui, Hubei June 2007 31°37′N, 113°49′E 6
Shuizhou, Hubei June 2007 31°41′N, 113°22′E 5
JS Wujing, Jiangsu July 1997 31°48′N, 119°58′E 40
GZ Kaili, Guizhou August 2007 26°34′N, 107°58′E 26
JX Yongxiu, Jiangxi September 2009 29°01′N, 109°48′E 28
GD Zhuhai, Guangdong October 2007 22°16′N, 113°34′E 46
SD Jining, Shandong July 2007 35°41′N, 116°34′E 14
Yutai, Shandong July 2000 35°01′N, 116°38′E 13
Linshu, Shandong July 2000 34°55′N, 118°38′E 10
HAN Qiongzhong, Hainan August 2010 19°28′N, 106°51′E 24
GX Tiane, Guangxi July 2005 25°06′N, 107°10′E 18
LN Suizhong, Liaoning August 2008 40°29′N, 120°01′E 7
Xingcheng, Liaoning August 2008 40°36′N, 120°45′E 8
SC Pujiang, Sichuan July 1997 30°19′N, 103°51′E 33
YN Yanjin, Yunnan July 2006 28°10′N, 104°23′E 28