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Table 2 Primer combinations and concentrations used for species of the genus Babesia and species-specific (sp-sp) PCRs

From: Improved molecular detection of Babesia infections in animals using a novel quantitative real-time PCR diagnostic assay targeting mitochondrial DNA

qPCR Primer combination (μM)
Babesia genus LSU qPCR B-lsu-F (0.6); B-lsu-R2 (0.6); Bmic-F (0.4)
Babesia genus 18S qPCR Bcommon-F (0.4); Bcommon-R (0.4)
B. microti-like sp-sp 18S qPCR BMIC18-F (0.8); BAB722 (0.8)
B. vogeli sp-sp 18S qPCR BCV-F (0.4); BAB722 (0.4)
B. canis sp-sp 18S qPCR BCC-F (0.4); BAB722 (0.4)
B. coco sp-sp 18S qPCR BCO-F (0.4); BAB722 (0.4)
B. gibsoni sp-sp 18S qPCR BGNC-F (0.4); BAB722 (0.4)
B. vogeli sp-sp cox1 qPCR BCV-cox1-F4 (0.4); BCV-cox1-R (0.4)
B. canis sp-sp cox1 qPCR BCC-cox1-F2 (0.4); BCC-cox1-R (0.4)
B. coco sp-sp cox1 qPCR BCO-cox1-F2 (0.4); BCO-cox1-R2 (0.4)
B. gibsoni sp-sp cox1 qPCR BG-cox1-F (0.4); BG-cox1-R (0.4)