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Table 1 Covariates used in the model. The table contains information on the source, data type, and temporal resolution of the covariates used in the model

From: Mapping the spatial distribution of the Japanese encephalitis vector, Culex tritaeniorhynchus Giles, 1901 (Diptera: Culicidae) within areas of Japanese encephalitis risk

Temporal resolution Covariate Source
Synoptic Land surface temperature (LST) day (Mean)
Land surface temperature (LST) day (Standard deviation)
Land surface temperature (LST) night (Mean)
Land surface temperature (LST) night (Standard deviation)
Gap-filled MODIS LST data [81]
Tasselled cap wetness (Mean)
Tasselled cap wetness (Standard deviation)
Tasselled cap brightness (Standard deviation)
Gap-filled MODIS satellite data [76]
SRTM Elevation Shuttle Radar Topography Mission [83]
Annual (2001–2012) Closed shrublands (Proportional cover)
Open shrublands (Proportional cover)
Woody savannas (Proportional cover)
Grasslands (Proportional cover)
Permanent wetlands (Proportional cover)
Croplands (Proportional cover)
Cropland natural vegetation mosaic (Proportional cover)
Urban and built up (Proportional cover)
Barren or sparsely populated (Proportional cover)
MODIS land cover product [74]