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Table 1 Correspondence between CORINE LandCover categories and land use types used in this study

From: Mesocarnivores and macroparasites: altitude and land use predict the ticks occurring on red foxes (Vulpes vulpes)

Code Level 3 Label level 3 Assigned land use type
111 Continuous urban fabric Urban
112 Discontinuous urban fabric Urban
121 Industrial or commercial units Urban
122 Road and rail networks and associated land Urban
123 Port areas Urban
124 Airports Urban
131 Mineral extraction sites Urban
132 Dump sites Urban
133 Construction sites Urban
141 Green urban areas Urban
142 Sport and leisure facilities Urban
211 Non-irrigated arable land Arable
212 Permanently irrigated land Arable
213 Rice fields Arable
221 Vineyards Arable
222 Fruit trees and berry plantations Arable
223 Olive groves Arable
231 Pastures Grassland
241 Annual crops associated with permanent crops Arable
242 Complex cultivation patterns Arable
243 Land principally occupied by agriculture, with significant areas of natural vegetation Grassland
244 Agro-forestry areas Forest
311 Broad-leaved forest Forest
312 Coniferous forest Forest
313 Mixed forest Forest
321 Natural grasslands Grassland
322 Moors and heathland Grassland
323 Sclerophyllous vegetation Grassland
324 Transitional woodland-shrub Forest
333 Sparsely vegetated areas Grassland