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Table 1 Study population

From: Leishmania major large RAB GTPase is highly immunogenic in individuals immune to cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis

Status Group ID Number Average age Leishmania species
Cured from CL CCLm 30 43.34 ± 13.07 L. major
Healthy high responder (L. major) HHRLm 18 39.17 ± 10.40 L. major
Healthy high responder (L. infantum) HHRLi 26 35.75 ± 9.55 L. infantum
Healthy low responders HLR 17 30.76 ± 5.73
  1. Abbreviations: CCLm Cured from cutaneous leishmaniasis due to L. major, HHRLm Healthy High Responders (L. major), HHRLi Healthy High Responders (L. infantum), HLR, naïves control
  2. The recruitment and peripheral blood sampling of different groups including cured from CL due to L. major (CCLm) and individuals with a probable asymptomatic L. major (HHRLm) or L. infantum infection (HHRLi), were performed in endemic foci for CL due to L. major and VL due to L. infantum. Healthy individuals with no history of leishmaniasis, used as naïve controls (HLR) were recruited from a low-endemic area