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Fig. 3

From: CD3+CD4negCD8neg (double negative) T lymphocytes and NKT cells as the main cytotoxic-related-CD107a+ cells in lesions of cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis

Fig. 3

Distribution of CD8+; CD4+; DP; DN lymphocytes; NK and NKT cells evaluated from the pool of CD107a+ cells. Flow cytometry-representative analysis to determine the distribution of cell populations in pool of CD107a+ cells. a FSC vs CD107a density-plot represents total percentage of CD107a+ cells based on [Live cells] gate (Fig. 1d). b CD3 vs CD56 density-plot gated on CD107a+ cells to define NK, NKT and T cells. c CD4 vs CD8 gated on CD3+ lymphocytes to define CD4, CD8, DP and DN T cells. d Overlay of CD8+; CD4+; DP; DN lymphocytes; NK and NKT cell histograms gated on CD107a+ cells. e Pie graph showing the mean data of NK and NKT cells; CD4+; DP, CD8+ and DN T lymphocytes (n = 18 CL lesions)

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