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Table 1 Collection of I. pavlovskyi and I. persulcatus ticks in different sites

From: Detection and genetic characterization of a wide range of infectious agents in Ixodes pavlovskyi ticks in Western Siberia, Russia

Region (Year) Site Coordi-nates Biotope description No. of collected ticks Tick species No. of ticks identified morphologically No. of ticks identified both morphologically and genetically/% of collected ticks
Alt (2012, 2014, 2015) A1 51°47'N, 87°18'E Mountain slopes near Artybash village, Turochaksky District; overgrown old pathways in mixed forests of Abies sibírica, Betula pendula and Pinus sibirica 55 I. pavl 20 11/20.0
I. pers 35 33/60.0
A2 51°36'N, 85°48'E Mountain slopes near Altai department of Central Siberian Botanic Garden, Shebalinsky District; overgrown old pathways in mixed forest of Pinus sylvestris and Betula pendula 998 I. pavl 142 113/11.3
I. pers 823 (189)a 152/nd
Total A1-A2 1053 I. pavl 162 124/11.8
I. pers 858 (224)a 185/nd
Nov (2010, 2014, 2015) N1 54°48'N, 83°07'E Central Siberian Botanic Garden, Sovetsky District of Novosibirsk; overgrown pathways in mixed forest of Betula pendula and Pinus sylvestris 448 I. pavl 381 316/70.5
I. pers 32 22/4.9
N2 54°50'N, 83°05'E Floodplain of Zyryanka rivulet, Sovetsky District of Novosibirsk (AT); overgrown pathways in mixed forest of Betula pendula and Pinus sylvestris 27 I. pavl 27 22/81.5
I. pers 0 0
N3 54°46'N, 83°09'E Mouth of Shadrikha River (SR) Novosibirsky District; mixed forest of Pinus sylvestris and Betula pendula 433 I. pavl 157 79/18.2
I. pers 236 110/25.4
N4 55°00'N, 83°24'E Ravine near Plotnikovo village (PV) Novosibirsky District; with Prunus padus, Populus tremula and Amelanchier spp. 64 I. pavl 39 22/34.4
I. pers 25 14/21.9
N5 54°53'N, 83°08'E Surroundings of Nizhnaya Yeltsovka district of Novosibirsk; young birch stands on reforesting crop fields and small old birch stands with Populus tremula and Pinus sylvestris 24 I. pavl 18 14/58.3
I. pers 5 3/12.5
Total N1-N5 996 I. pavl 622 453/45.5
I. pers 298 149/15.0
All sites 2049 I. pavl 784 577/20.7
I. pers 1156 (522)a 334/nd
  1. Abbreviations: Alt Republic of Altai, Nov Novosibirsk Province, nd not detected, I. pavl Ixodes pavlovskyi, I. pers I. persulcatus
  2. aNumbers of I. persulcatus ticks subjected for genetic analysis are given in parentheses