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Fig. 5

From: Immunolocation and enzyme activity analysis of Cryptosporidium parvum enolase

Fig. 5

Enzymatic characterization of rCpEno. a Enzymatic activity of rCpEno was determined by measuring the conversion of 2-PGA to PEP. The absorbance value of rCpEno at 240 nm was lower than rabbit muscle enolase (positive control), and nearly no value was detected in BSA (negative control) at the same time point. b Enzyme kinetic research of rCpEno. The conversion rate (V) of 2-PGA (S) to PEP was measured at 240 nm using 20 μg of rCpEno and various concentrations of 2-PGA (0.125–2 mM). K m and V max for rCpEno were determined as 0.571 mM/l and 0.054 mM/l · min, respectively, using a Lineweaver-Burk double-reciprocal plot

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