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Table 1 Properties of candidate systemic anti-parasitic compounds for canine feed-through assays

From: Systemic insecticide treatment of the canine reservoir of Trypanosoma cruzi induces high levels of lethality in Triatoma infestans, a principal vector of Chagas disease

Commercial name (Company) Active compound (Family) Dose (mg/kg)a Mode of action Safety (mg/kg) Activity perioda Reference
Comfortis® (Elanco Animal Health) Spinosad (Spinosyns) 45–70 Binds nicotinic acetylcholine receptors Oral >3600 4 weeks [30, 34, 40,41,42,43]
Bravecto® (Merck Animal Health) Fluralaner (Isoxazolines) 25 Non-competitive GABA receptor antagonist Oral >2000 12 weeks [14, 18, 19, 27, 37, 44]
NexGard® (Merial) Afoxolaner (Isoxazolines) 2.5 Non-competitive GABA receptor antagonist Oral >1000 5 weeks [24, 45,46,47,48]
  1. aRegistered dose for use in dogs against ticks and fleas [49,50,51]