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Table 4 Mahalanobis distances between pairs of species performed for shape variables of the head, pronotum and wings. Interspecific comparison: Triatoma garciabesi (T. gar), T. guasayana (T. gua), T. patagonica (T. pat) and T. sordida (T. sor). Comparison among closely related taxa: T. sordida from Argentina (T. sor Arg), T. sordida from Brazil and Bolivia (T. sor BB) and T. garciabesi (T. gar)

From: Morphometric variability among the species of the Sordida subcomplex (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Triatominae): evidence for differentiation across the distribution range of Triatoma sordida

Group Pairs of species Head Pronotum Wing
T. gar, T. gua, T. pat, T. sor T. gar vs T. gua 2.01*** 0.64 2.71***
T. gar vs T. pat 3.84*** 1.11** 3.07***
T. gar vs T. sor 0.58 1.49*** 1.22***
T. gua vs T. pat 2.07*** 1.38* 2.24***
T. gua vs T. sor 2.30*** 2.00*** 2.78***
T. pat vs T. sor 4.11*** 1.62*** 3.45***
T. gar, T. sor Arg, T. sor BB T. sor Arg vs T. sor BB 1.21*** 1.18*** 2.18***
T. sor Arg vs T. gar 0.61 1.38*** 1.27**
T. sor BB vs T. gar 1.18*** 1.88*** 1.87***
  1. *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01; ***P < 0.001