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Fig. 1

From: Fasciclin-calcareous corpuscle binary complex mediated protein-protein interactions in Taenia solium metacestode

Fig. 1

Molecular characteristics of Taenia solium metacestode fasciclin (TsMFas) genes. a Schematic representation of exon-intron boundary structure of TsMFas1 (TsM_000655200) and TsMFas2 (TsM_000825900) (upper panel) and domain organization of their protein products (lower panel). Exons and introns are marked by black-boxes and gray-solid lines. Numerals on the top indicate exon and intron lengths in bp. Blue and black checkered-boxes matched with fasciclin 1 and fasciclin-superfamily domains, respectively. Red boxes demonstrate signal peptides. b The phylogenetic relationships of TsMFas proteins with other 39 fasciclin-domain containing proteins. Maximum-likelihood algorithm (MEGA 6.0) was used for tree construction using full-length amino acid sequences of selected proteins. Numerals at major branching nodes indicate the percentage of appearance in 1000 bootstrap replicates. TsMFas1 and TsMFas2 proteins are highlighted in bold-face. Another fasciclin 1 found in T. solium GeneDB (TsM_000180200) is indicated by an asterisk

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