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Table 1 Protease inhibition assays

From: Characterization of a secreted cystatin of the parasitic nematode Haemonchus contortus and its immune-modulatory effect on goat monocytes

Enzyme Enzyme concentration (nM) HCcyst-3 (nM)  
   IC50 95% CI
Papain 150 208.7 198.7–219.2
Cathepsin L 50 18.5 17.6–19.5
Cathepsin B 50 121.6 109.2–135.4
Caspase 1 50 NI  
  1. Abbreviation: CI, confidence interval; NI, no inhibition
  2. The concentration of HCcyst-3 at which 50% of the proteolytic enzymes’ activity is inhibited (IC50)